What we do

Most people approach us because they want to sort out their pensions and investments. What we do is show them how they can use their wealth to achieve their dreams.

As passionate believers in lifestyle financial planning, we focus on helping you to identify and achieve your dreams. We’ll help you to work out your ‘number’. This is the wealth that you will need to achieve your dreams and live the life you want. After all, life is not a rehearsal!

The hats we wear to help you plan your future

Hat 1 – The life planner

The first hat we wear is that of a ‘life planner’. A life planner’s job is to identify exactly where you are now and how you got there. More importantly, we’ll discover where you want to get to; both in the near future and between now and the day you die. Our job, therefore, is to identify exactly what sort of life you want to live and, the type of lifestyle you want to enjoy.

We do this by asking questions and using what we call a ‘Fact-Find’, which allows us to keep on track and collate the information in an efficient manner.

When we know what you want to achieve, we’ll take off our ‘life planner’s hat’ and put on our second ‘financial planner’s hat’.

Hat 2 – The financial planner

The financial planner’s job is to identify all of the financial resources available to you now and likely to be available in the future. More importantly, we’ll identify all the resources you need to achieve your dreams. This is where we’ll use cashflow planning tools to get an accurate picture of your financial situation over the years.

When we have all this information, we then put together a comprehensive plan which will show you what your financial future looks like. Plus, what action you might need to take to achieve and maintain your desired lifestyle.

Finally, when we’ve agreed on a financial plan, if any financial products are needed to help satisfy the needs of your financial plan, we’ll take off our financial planner’s hat and put on our ‘independent financial adviser hat’.

Hat 3 – The independent financial adviser

We wear our Independent financial adviser’s hat in order to recommend which financial products or investments (if any) will help you to achieve your dreams. We can advise you on products and services from the whole of the market, so we’ll only recommend the most suitable ones for your circumstances.

As independent financial advisers, we are particularly qualified in:

  • Investment strategies
  • Pension planning
  • Tax planning strategies
  • Life and health insurance
  • School fees planning
  • Estate planning
  • Business protection

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