Our clients/about you

We believe there are 3 types of clients: The Not Enoughs, The More Than Enoughs and The Just Rights.

Our clients/about you

We believe there are 3 types of clients:

  • The Not Enoughs – These are people who haven’t yet got enough money to live the life they want to. They need to know the amount of money they need to support the rest of their lives, and it is very likely that they currently have insufficient monies to do this.
  • The More Than Enoughs – They are never going to run out of money. They may even, dare I say it, have too much money based on their current lifestyle.
  • The Just Rights – They have just the right amount of money to live the life they want to live and never run out of money. The problem is they just don’t know it!

We can help all these clients to understand what is needed to ensure that they enjoy their money, whether it be to create a savings plan, a spending programme, to help them de-risk their investments, or even stop work or sell their business, and allow them to do the things they love.

In all cases, we give them peace of mind and a plan to help them achieve their goals.

If you are considering becoming a client of Collperkins, you probably feel that one of the above applies to you (you may not yet know which one) and you want answers to the following:

  • You want to understand how much is enough
  • You want to know how much you need to live the life you want without fear of running out of money
  • You want to understand what needs to happen to secure your family’s future so they never worry about money, whatever happens
  • You want to stop doing what you no longer enjoy and start doing more of the things that you love
  • You want an advisory relationship based on positive outcomes, not products
  • You want to ensure that you remain on track to achieve your goals and to make any adjustments required as necessary

We will happily work with young families, mature families, people pre- and post- retirement, and corporates.

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