Client stories

We’ve helped hundreds of clients to achieve their dreams over the years. Here are just some of the families we work with.

Barbara - Financial planning after divorce

When Barbara’s 40-year marriage ended, she was given part of her ex-husband’s pension as part of the settlement. She needed guidance on how to access the pension and use it effectively for her retirement.

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Dennis & Brenda - Inter-generational financial planning

Dennis and Brenda had a number of shares via a company share scheme and wanted someone to give advice on the best use of them. They also wanted to ensure that their children will inherit as much of their wealth as possible.

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Lucy - Dealing with bereavement

When Lucy’s husband passed away suddenly, she realised that she had no idea where she stood financially. Fortunately, thanks to effective financial planning, there was insurance in place which meant that she didn’t have to sell the family home.

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Graham & Jane - Enjoying retirement

Graham retired in 2005 but maintained his investment in the company. When it was sold in 2007, he benefitted significantly from the sale. Having received a large sum of money, financial advice was essential.

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Nick & Andrea - Approaching retirement

Even though Nick is a qualified accountant, he recognised that he didn’t have the time or expertise to fully understand all the investment products available. It was far better to work with an investment professional.

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Lin - Approaching retirement

After a tough year of juggling work and managing her parents’ affairs, Lin was exhausted and wanted to stop working. She was 60 so it felt like the right time to retire. She just needed to know if she could afford to.

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