Financial planning after divorce

From West Sussex, and with us since 2013

Barbara was a member of the cabin crew team at British Airways until she retired at 63. She is divorced and has two daughters and three grandchildren.

How did you find collperkins?

“When my marriage ended after 40 years, I was awarded some of my husband’s pension. As is often the case with my generation, my husband had dealt with all of our investments and pensions, so I didn’t have a clue about them.

As my ex-husband had already retired, I assumed that I would receive the pension directly from his pension provider, but this wasn’t the case. I was in quite a state and didn’t know what to do. My daughter suggested that I see a financial planner and one of her contacts recommended Mark. We had a meeting and I felt confident that I could trust him to deal with my situation.”

How have we helped?

“Without Mark, I don’t know what I’d have done. He advised me on how to access my husband’s pension and then what to do with the money. He’s educated me on different aspects of investing and financial planning, so I’m a lot savvier now.”

How have you benefited from our advice?

“At a point where I’ve had to start my life over, Mark has taken the stress and worry out of dealing with my finances. With careful management, he’s given me a lifestyle that I didn’t know I’d be able to have. Generally, whenever I’ve needed access to money, for a holiday or to treat the children, it’s been available. I feel lucky to have someone I can go to, and I know my money is as safe as it can be.

I’m very impressed and pleased with Mark, as well as his team who are all so helpful and friendly. There’s no question that I’d recommend him to my friends and family.”