Dennis & Brenda

Inter-generational financial planning

From Walton-on-Thames, and with us since 2011

Dennis worked for BP as a refinery technologist until 2000, then he became a refinery consultant and trainer until he retired in 2019. Brenda was a tracer in the Hawker Siddeley aircraft company and then worked for BP, which is how they met. They’ve been married for 47 years and have two grown-up sons and two grandsons.

How did you find collperkins?

“In 2005, our bank manager advised us to see a financial adviser within the group. We were referred to Mark, who worked for Bank of Scotland at the time. We had worked with a couple of other financial advisers by this time, but we got on so well with Mark that we were happy to continue working with him, even after he left Bank of Scotland and started collperkins.”

How have we helped?

“We had a number of BP shares via the company share scheme, and we wanted someone to advise us on the best use of them. With Mark’s guidance, we’ve sold a number of those shares and used the money to invest in diversified portfolios, rather than one type of stock.

The vast majority of our work with Mark has been to do with estate planning. We want to ensure that our children will inherit as much of our wealth as possible. This involves sorting out various investments to minimise Inheritance Tax and this needs constant review.”

How have you benefited from our advice?

“We’re aware that there are some aspects of financial planning that we could do ourselves, however, we’ve benefited by being introduced to other financial products that we weren’t aware of.

We’re confident that we have increased our wealth as a result of Mark’s advice, and we know that he does all he can to minimise our costs, for example, fund management fees. In retirement, we haven’t had to restrict ourselves and we continue to enjoy the same lifestyle and regular holidays abroad.

We’ve been very, very happy with Mark’s services; he keeps us ticking over and makes sure that we’re doing the right thing with our wealth. He has an excellent team of staff who are very efficient and keep us informed on progress.

We also like the fact that Mark is never ‘pushy’; if he makes a suggestion that we don’t feel comfortable with, we don’t feel under pressure to do it.

Very importantly, Mark is now advising our younger son who has invested a sum of money from a recent inheritance. The Covid-19 pandemic has unfortunately meant that he is currently unemployed, but we feel happier knowing that he has advice and support from Mark during this challenging time.”