Graham & Jane

Enjoying retirement

From Hampshire, and with us since 2011

Graham and Jane have been married for 50 years. They have two children and three grandchildren. Before retiring, Graham was a Finance Director. Jane was primarily a housewife but often acted as an ambassador for Graham’s company.

How did you find collperkins?

“In 2000 I was involved in a Management Buy-in of a large freight company. I retired in 2005 but maintained my investment in the company. When it was sold in 2007, we benefitted significantly from the sale. Having received a large sum of money, financial advice was essential.

We had met Mark many years before, when he was a Financial Adviser at the Bank of Scotland (BoS). He had always impressed us with his intelligence and personality and we both trusted and respected his judgement. We maintained contact after he left BoS and became his clients as soon as he set up independently.”

How have we helped?

“Our needs are few. We need sufficient funds to enable us to continue to live comfortably and maintain our lifestyle in retirement. We enjoy the occasional holiday and visiting our son and his family in New Zealand, generally once a year.

Our goals, too, are few. We wish to leave our children and grandchildren financially secure after we depart this earth.

Mark has been able to offer a range of products tailored to our requirements rather than the limited, in house products offered by the banks. He’s taken time and care to ensure the investments we’ve made are fully understood by us and that they provide the returns we expect.

Mark has taken a great deal of time and trouble to help us in our tax planning, particularly in respect of Inheritance Tax and his expertise and patience have been invaluable. He has also liaised as necessary with our accountants to ensure they are provided with any necessary financial information, such that the need for our own input has been minimised.”

How have you benefitted from our advice?

“We have benefitted primarily as a result of having full confidence in Mark and his team. Markets go up and down but collperkins are always immediately on hand to sort any concerns or to help with any problems. We are generally contacted before we can start worrying about the state of the markets. We take the view that Mark will see that we are always taken care of – no worries.”