Lorna & Tom

Ethical financial planning

From London, and with us since 2016

Lorna works in communications and Tom is a teacher. Both in their 30s, they live in London with their two young children.

How did you find collperkins?

“When we got married, my parents suggested that we get our finances in order, especially as we were planning to start a family. Their financial adviser wasn’t able to take us on as clients, so he recommended Ian to us. As it happened, it was a timely introduction as Tom received an inheritance soon after, and we needed advice on what to do with it.”

How have we helped?

“Ian was really keen to understand what we want to achieve in our lives – what’s important to us, as well as our hopes and dreams. With this knowledge, he has put together a financial plan which shows us a path to financial security in the future, which means we can spend a certain amount of money today without worry.

Ian has sorted out absolutely everything to do with our finances. He consolidated a number of my workplace pensions, organised our wills and Power of Attorneys, and put in place insurance to make sure that our children won’t suffer financially if the worst should happen to either of us. He also advised us on the best way to invest Tom’s inheritance.

Ian has sorted out all of the details; he’s extremely conscientious, thorough and diligent. He doesn’t make any grand promises, instead, he manages our expectations and guides us through what we need to do to achieve our goals. We trust him implicitly and know that he has our best interests at heart.”

How have you benefited from our advice?

“Something that’s really important to us is ethical investing. Ian undertook a painstaking, rigorous process to identify how we could invest our money in a way that matches our ethics and risk profile.

Going through the process of identifying what we want from life as a couple, really does give your life more meaning. Ultimately, financial planning is not just about growing your wealth, it’s about how you can achieve your dreams and aspirations.”