Nick & Andrea

Approaching retirement

From Hampshire, and with us since 2013

Nick is a Finance Director and Andrea is a Catheter Lab Manager in the NHS. They plan to retire in the next 3-4 years and their aim is to have a long, healthy, happy retirement with lots of time spent travelling and caravanning.

How did you find collperkins?

“Even though I’m a qualified accountant I do not have the time or expertise to fully understand all the investment products available. It is far better to use an investment professional that you can trust and who spends all day every day working on these things.”

How have we helped?

“Mark takes a holistic approach to his clients and helps us in two key ways. Primarily, he spends a lot of time understanding our needs, aspirations and attitude to risk. His approach is much more about understanding our lifestyle goals and making sure that we understand how achievable these are.

He is more of a coach and is an excellent sounding board for a very cautious Finance Director like me who spends his life worrying about money!

The second way that Mark helps is with his deep understanding of the financial products available and then matching those to our attitudes and needs. He then shows us very clear projections which allow us to be confident about our financial future.

Our only real concerns are over stock market volatility and we spend time assessing that risk with Mark.”

How have you benefitted from our advice?

“Mark’s advice has meant that we have felt much more comfortable with our financial plans and I have spent a lot less time worrying. The key goal for any person is to achieve contentment, and from a financial perspective, Mark has really helped with that.

We are now much more confident that our plans and goals are achievable and that has allowed us to enjoy the present much more.”