Robert & Barbara

Enjoying retirement

From Kingston, and with us since 2017

Robert and Barbara retired in 2014, although Robert chose to continue working on a self-employed basis for another five years. They both worked as psychotherapists for NHS trusts in London and have a grown-up son and daughter.

How did you find collperkins?

“Our daughter has a learning disability, so we needed specialist advice for both our wills and financial planning. We attended a workshop on the topic run by Mencap and were introduced to Ian through that.”

How have we helped?

“Ian gave us peace of mind with a detailed income and expenditure review. I was rather surprised and very pleased at how helpful this was.

This encouraged us to work with Ian to sort out all areas of our financial planning, including financial issues relating to my son, and making use of a small private pension.

Before we met Ian, I was spending a lot of time moving money between cash ISAs and Bonds. It took a lot of time and was a lot of hassle to keep tracking them and moving them around. Ian has helped us to organise our savings into Shares ISAs with a wide spread of investments, which has freed me of that stress.”

How have you benefited from our advice?

“Ian has taught me about patience and thinking about the longer-term in a more holistic way. He’s helped us to address our current and future needs, as well as those of our children, which is really important for us as our daughter has special needs.

Most importantly, he gave us peace of mind should my wife or I need care in the future. This was a particular concern for us as Barbara has been diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease.

Ian has always shown a real and genuine interest in us and our children and wants to know our thoughts and plans for the future.

The greatest benefit of working with a financial planner is that I can let go of all the worry. We know our finances are in good hands, and I no longer feel the need to check them all the time – once a year is plenty.

Ian is unhurried and thoughtful. He listens to our hopes and fears and has been a great support through difficult times. I absolutely recommend his services.”