Approaching retirement

From Surrey, and with us since 2016

Shirley is a full-time fundraiser for a charity. She is separated from her husband and has five grown-up children.

How did you find collperkins?

“One of my daughters is severely disabled which meant that for many years, we had very little time for anything. Things became less chaotic once she was 17 and in education and this gave me time to think and plan for our future.

I went to a solicitor to make a will and it was the solicitor who recommended that I speak to a financial planner. Around that time, I received an inheritance. I knew that I wanted to invest that money for my future, so it was a timely introduction to Ian.”

How have we helped?

“Ian used the money from the inheritance to set up a private pension which gave me some security for my retirement. However, in the meantime, my husband and I have separated, which has complicated things and changed my future.

Ian has been supportive, talking me through the options and being a great ‘sounding board’ as we negotiate the terms of the divorce. Ian is really good at explaining and making sure that I understand all of the options, so I’m confident in my chosen course of action.

I’ve also asked Ian to advise my children and I’m delighted by how much their understanding and interest in investing has progressed with his guidance.”

How have you benefited from our advice?

“Before, I would shy away from making decisions about my finances because I didn’t really understand them. It’s important to me that my wealth is passed down to my children and that my disabled daughter will be cared for, so I don’t want to get it wrong.

Now, I’m a lot more focused on my finances and I’m not scared of them anymore; I’m confident about my knowledge and the decisions that I’m making.

Ian is so thorough in his work; he’s completely dependable and trustworthy. It’s a huge relief to have found someone I trust and more importantly, who I trust to advise my children.”