Planning for retirement

Your dream retirement

As you start planning the retirement of your dreams, it’s important to understand what income you’ll need for it. You may have built up a business, or built up several pensions and investments, but will they fund the lifestyle you want in retirement?

We love helping people to define the wealth they need for their dream retirement and then putting together a financial plan to help them achieve it. We can help you to make sense of your current wealth and what you need to do with your finances between now and retirement.

We can help you with:

Pension planning

If you’ve built up a number of pension pots over the years, we can assess and adapt them, to ensure that they’ll meet your needs as part of a wider financial plan.

Investment planning

As well as pensions, other investments can form a part of your income during retirement. We can make sure that your investments match your plans.

Business protection

We can help you to secure the future of your business with key man protection and other insurances. We can also advise on the best ways to extract profits from the business tax efficiently.

When should you start planning?

The earlier the better! The sooner we understand your dreams for retirement, the sooner we can help you to achieve them. You do not have to wait until you’re 65 or eligible for the State Pension to retire.

You can retire whenever you have the finances in place to do it. Which is all the more reason why you should start planning now; who knows, you may be able to retire sooner than you think!

What our clients say

We’re privileged to have worked with hundreds of clients over the years. Here, just some of our clients share their stories about how lifestyle financial planning has transformed their lives.

Clients since: 2013

Nick & Andrea Hampshire

Mark’s advice has meant that we have felt much more comfortable with our financial plans and I have spent a lot less time worrying. We are now much more confident that our goals are achievable and that has allowed us to enjoy the present much more.

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Client since: 2014

Lin Hampshire

Mark has advised three generations of my family as he is now advising my son. Mark has helped him with some tricky decisions recently, but we all find it comforting and reassuring to know that Mark is there to guide us through.

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