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We really enjoy helping our clients’ families to plan for their future. This is especially important for young families, who are often the children of our clients. We help them to organise their finances so that they can plan ahead whilst protecting their family, and enjoying today.

We also work with multiple generations of families to make sure that wealth can be passed from grandparents to parents and then on to their grandchildren. This can be a very complex area of financial planning; after all, we all want to know that our wealth will end up where we intend it.

We can help you with:

Pension planning

We can help young families to set up pension plans as part of a wider financial plan. We also help those with multiple pensions who want to get them all in order.


We can identify insurances which will protect your family’s income if someone becomes ill or dies. We can also source insurance to help cover Inheritance Tax.

Passing on wealth

Some want to see their wealth being enjoyed by their families now, not after their death. We can advise you on tax-efficient ways to pass on wealth to your loved ones.

Let’s talk about moving money between generations

Some people find it difficult to talk about their money and this can create real problems. If you have wealth that you want to pass on, you can’t always rely on a will to put your money into the right hands.

Inheritance Tax can erode your legacy and family changes, such as a divorce could reroute your wealth to places you never intended. With careful intergenerational financial planning, you can avoid these issues. And by sharing this information, you enable your children to better plan for their futures too.

What our clients say

We’re privileged to have worked with hundreds of clients over the years. Here, just some of our clients share their stories about how lifestyle financial planning has transformed their lives.

Clients since: 2011

Dennis & Brenda Walton-on-Thames

We’ve been very, very happy with Mark’s services; he keeps us ticking over and makes sure that we’re doing the right thing with our wealth. He has an excellent team of staff who are very efficient and keep us informed on progress.

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